5 tips to travel at the best price


“If I were rich I would travel around the world…”

After years and years of practice, the IfIWereRich team has mastered the art of traveling at the best price and here are our best tips to travel on a budget.

  1. Traveling time

This tip is by far the most important of all.

Flights, hotels, car rentals and tourists attractions prices double or triple depending on the traveling period.

The more flexible you are, the best deals you will find.

If you wonder when is the best time to travel regarding your destination, skyscanner.com has the answer.

  • Go to www.skyscanner.com
  • Fill the “from” and “to” cities options
  • For “depart” and “return” date options select “Whole month” and then “the cheapest” skyscanner.jpg
  • “et voilà” a calendar will appear with the best traveling time and the best flights pricesNYC SF may.jpg

If you travel to an exotic destination, be sure to always check the weather info to avoid rainy season, extreme weather or high tourist’s daily cost of living time. You can find all those precious informations on http://www.besttimetogo.com/ .

2 . Booking time

There are two types of people in this world and saving money on the booking time only depends on which kind you are. Planners and spontaneous people. Good news is that in both cases you can save a lot on your vacations but you have to push those traits to the extreme.

Best deals can be found 8 to 12 month before departure and sometimes more or at the last minute, usually few days or hours before departure.

3. Finding the best offers

There’s plenty of travel metasearch engines that can browse the web for you looking for the best offers and you should use it to save time and money.

Here are the most popular :



4. Renting

Hotels can sometimes be very expensive. If you can’t find a good deal on your traveling period, you should try renting a room, apartment or a house and the best way to do so is using airbnb.

Airbnb is an online market for people to lease or rent and it can save you a lot of money.

For more safety, choose a host with good ratings, read the reviews and  host’s cancellation policy.


5. Private sales

Luxury hotels have set prices very high aiming for an image of exclusivity. The thing is that they can’t rent all there rooms at those prices all year round.

Private sales websites like Rue La La and  Gilt Groupe are used by hotels to sell off there rooms at discounted prices without making a dent on their image because they can’t be found through a one-off search.

Usually getting 20 to 60% off  luxury hotel rooms well worth a look.


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